Director, Capstone Collective


Simon is the Director of Capstone Collective, a group of professionals, freelancers and contractors who specialise in the Visitor Economy. His passion is the way the Visitor Economy impacts people, businesses, organisations and communities.

Simon has developed an extensive understanding of the ecosystem within the Visitor Economy, that is, the people, businesses and organisations that play in this space.

The Visitor Economy is a term used to describe the economic, social and cultural benefits that occur when people visit a place.

The word ‘visitor’ is a more inclusive term than tourist, delegate, investor, business traveller, event attendee or student, while ‘economy’ focuses attention on the impact these visitors have on the places they visit.

It is the understanding of this ecosystem and the people within it that provides Simon with the expertise to advise Capstone Collective clients in what they need to maximise their involvement in the Visitor Economy.