This report is to give insight into the forum and help create a common discourse on the Night Time Economy. It also seeks to set goals for any city or town to become destinations loved both locally and globally – day and night.

It includes key takeouts from:

  • Mirik Milan – Why Cultural Diversity And Inclusiveness Is The Key
  • Lutz Leichsenring – Creative Footprint Index
  • Kate Becker – Political Risk In The Interest Of Progress
  • Prof. Adam Winstock – Saving Lives By Educating People About How To Use Drugs Properly
  • Group Workshop – Creating A Success Map For All Global Cities
  • Expert Sessions – Celebrating Safely Policing Illicit Drug Use At Clubs, Pubs And Festivals Presented
  • Expert Sessions – City Centres At Night Managing The Newtown Business Precinct Association’s Night Time Economy Alliance
  • Expert Sessions – Breaking Down
The Walls Redefining Urban Spaces alliance
  • Expert Sessions – City Centres At Night


We welcome you to send us any feedback, comments, questions or ideas you have after reviewing this outcomes paper. Your input can only help drive the conversation forward and help us all to keep addressing our challenges within our home cities and towns.