This report is focused on the reimagination, recovery and rebuild of Sydney’s Night-Time Economy and is an insight into the Global Cities After Dark 2019 forum.

The shared knowledge and best practices featured in this report are now more important than ever, including:

  • Creative bureaucracies – a collaborative context to address the big issues facing cities;
  • Closing the gap between governments and people who live nightlife;
  • One, five and ten year views to rebuild Sydney’s nightlife;
  • Reducing discrimination in mainstream spaces;
  • The need for an affordable and diverse range of nightlife offers;
  • Ensuring people with disabilities are welcomed into nightlife spaces.

We welcome you to send us any feedback, comments, questions or ideas you have after reviewing this outcomes paper. Your input can only help drive the conversation forward and help us all to keep navigating the path to resilience and rebuilding nightlife in home cities and towns.


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