Andee Frost

Animals Dancing 


Every great music city has a defining DJ. Andee is one of these guys.

Touted as the ‘unofficial Night Mayor of Melbourne’, Andee Frost has for many years incited Melbourne’s underground to incredible heights by bringing realness to the party.

At his phenomenal The House de Frost 5 hour-plus disco odysseys at The Toff in Town, he defines what it is to be the city’s lynchpin DJ every Saturday night.

He curates the drag queens like he’s Andy Warhol, controls the lights like he’s Thomas Edison, books the DJs like he’s Peter Grant and brainwashes the room through his custom Bozak like he’s the David Koresh of the dancefloor.

Andee has warmed up or down for Optimo and Horsemeat Disco (both his spiritual brothers) Moodymann, DJ Harvey, Rub n Tug, 2ManyDjs, The Revenge, Andrew Weatherall, Vakula, MCDC, DJ Garth, Tim Sweeney, Marcellus Pitmann, Rick Wilhite, Hunee, Prosumer and many more at The House De Frost and the hyper-cult basement Animal’s Dancing parties.

Over the years residencies at honkytonks, Sorry Grandma! Third Class, New Guernica have had him school over a million ears to the fact that THERE IS MORE.

Andee has been around forever, but as always, the night is young.