Michael Wynn-Jones

Associate, Centre for Local Govt. University of Technology

Michael has an Associate Diploma in Health and Building, a bachelor’s degree (Honours) in Building and a Master’s degree in Fire Engineering. He refined his skills and knowledge for 13 years as a Local Government Building Surveyor in Western Sydney before setting up a Building Regulations consulting company and joining Western Sydney University as a ‘building’ academic in 1993.
From 1996 to 2008 Michael devoted his time equally between academia and consulting. He was actively involved in separate Post Graduate programs in Building Surveying, Fire Engineering and Bushfire prone areas at Western Sydney University, worked with CSIRO in 1995 and 1996 on fire code reform and has been teaching building regulations courses through the University of Technology’s Centre for Local Government since 1995.
Michael has assisted the NSW State Government on various building environment projects since 1997, including the complying development codes for building work, the Federal Premises Standards for people with a disability, a review of fire safety systems, and the certification of building work.
Since leaving Western Sydney University in 2008 Michael has devoted most of his energy to providing advice on proposed and existing large scale residential and commercial projects as a ‘Building Regulations’ expert and consultant.