Global Cities After Dark 2018 is themed around collaboration – as it is through collaboration locally, nationally and internationally that solutions are found and executed for a positive and vibrant future at night.

In addition to its extensive program of keynotes and workshops, Global Cities After Dark attendees will join over forty speakers, including twenty five experts, for Global Cities After Dark’s collaborative Expert Sessions which see the attendees contributing to this all-important future-focussed, solutions-driven sessions.

These include:

  • Expert Session: Research-led advocacy and policy
    Speakers: Dwayne Thompson, Red Bull & James Hulme, Committee for Sydney
  • Expert Session: #MeToo and nightlife – a safe night out for all
    Speakers: Hayley Child, Ask For Angela; Helen Marcou, Bakehouse Studios; Dr. Bianca Fileborn, UNSW
  • Expert Session: Identifying cultural identity and crafting compelling stories
    Speakers: Adrian Tonan, City of Detroit; Leith Thomas, Future Tense and Nikki Brogan, FBi Radio
  • Expert Session: International networks and developing a global knowledge base
    Speakers: Nashid Chowdhury and Phebe McAleer, City of Sydney; Mirik Milan, VibeLab; Amanda Maxwell, She  Said So
  • Expert Session: Success and failure playbook
    Speakers: Kerri Glasscock, Fringe Festival; Michael Wynn-Jones, UTS
  • Expert Session: Access all areas – accessible for all
    Speakers: Will Kroger, artist Defwill; Justine Baker, Solotel Group; Miss Blanks, Artist and Activist; Morwenna Collett, Australia Council for the Arts
  • Expert Session: Building platforms for coalition and collaboration
    Speakers: Michael Rodrigues, Night Time Industries Association; Loren Granich, Los Angeles Nightlife Association; Simon Shaw, Capstone Collective
  • Expert Session: Understanding your city’s creative requirements
    Speakers: Bree Travena, ARUP; Emily Collins, MusicNSW; Kieran Hennessy, The Hopeless Utopian